Cache-Control: nocache. The project was founded by Bela Ban, and the project benefits from a host of regular contributors.. Community: Our user forum is the primary channel of communication between JBoss Cache users and developers.. While @Cache builds a complex Cache-Control header, @NoCache is a simplified notation to say that you don't want anything cached i.e.

If you wish to configure eviction for a custom cache, see the JBoss Cache documentation for all of the available options. I would like to enable caching. I have a web application running on Jboss 7.1.1, and I am using RESTeasy for my REST services. These annotations can be put on the resource class or interface and specifies a default cache value for each @GET resource method.

Parameters: noStore - true if the no-store cache control directive should be included in the response, false otherwise. About the project: JBoss Cache is developed by a community of open source developers. Eviction allows the cache to control memory by removing data (typically the least frequently used data). Manik Surtani is the project lead. It seems that JBoss is defaulting to setting the Cache-Control header in all my HTTP Responses to be "no-cache". Corresponds to the no-store cache control directive. Create a new instance of CacheControl. The new instance will have the following default settings: private = false noCache = false noStore = false noTransform = true mustRevalidate = false proxyRevalidate = false An empty list of private fields An empty list of no-cache fields An empty map of cache extensions. Hi , This should not happen in first place.Try Changing time stamp of web.xml.If this also does not work then try setting Cache Control headers in ur servlet like following res.setHeader("Expires", "mon, 8 May 1992 11:00:00 GMT"); // Set standard HTTP/1.1 no-cache headers. ... Cache loading allows JBoss Cache to store data in a persistent store in addition to what it keeps in memory.

See Also: HTTP/1.1 section 14.9.2 res.setHeader("Cache-Control", "no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate"); // Set IE extended HTTP/1.1 no-cache headers … Is there a way I can configure this?

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