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Answer Save. Member Info. - Which English form is more popular? Have you ever noticed how often the word “fine” is used as the default response to some of life’s most significant situations? How else would you say that? 4 Answers. × Ok × Signup required. But you could say something like, "That's an acceptable solution" or "I am … “How are you doing today?” “Fine.” “I’m moving out.” “Fine.” “How are you feeling about losing your job?” “Fine.” “Would you Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Google. In order to post your question we need your email to notify you when the response will be available. However, Rachel could say: That sounds fine to me. I'm replying to an email from one of my professors and I want another, more formal way to say "That's fine with me," or "That's okay with me." nice, bored, blonde, foot, floor # nice # bored # blonde # foot # floor. thats fine with me 41603 GIFs. Rover_KE. Without context it's hard to say. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Moderator Retired English Teacher. Re: "It is okay for me" or "It is okay with me" It depends on … Johnny. That's fine with me. That’s fine with me or that is fine by me? Rachel should not answer, "That's fine to me," because, idiomatically, to is not the preposition to use in this context.

What's another way to say "That's fine with me?"? We frequently find the phrase fine to me after verbs like sounds or looks. This means Rachel has no objections to starting piano lessons in the fall.

Quite coincidentally, this is the first answer I've written on Quora in a very long time. Sort: Relevant Newest. “That’s fine with me.” What’s with that? 7 years ago. "It is okay for me" or "It is okay with me" Which one of those two is more natural?

Native Language: English; Home Country: England; Current Location: England; Join Date: Jun 2010; Posts: 29,665 #2 01-Aug-2013, 20:21. snl, ok, saturday night live, fine, season 44 # snl # ok # saturday night live # fine # season 44. this is fine, everything is fine # this is fine # everything is fine. Tina Fey and Jimmy take turns giving each other clues to guess random phrases describing scenes happening behind them, like "Two E.T.s at a pottery wheel on …

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